Amateurs Build the Ark: Part 1

In making the decision to build a tiny house, I can empathize with the flood of emotions that Noah must have felt when he was charged with building the not-so-tiny Ark.  Excitement, determination, and a whole lot of “IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!”  And of course, a bit of worry that we – I mean..the animals – might lose a little bit of sanity.DSCF8160 Fortunately, we have the knowledge of the Internet, YouTube, and tiny house Facebook groups (well, the Facebook groups are more opinions than knowledge let’s be real).  But these are all resources to learn from and fuel our confidence.  If Noah could do it without a step-by-step tutorial on window installation, then we can certainly learn some DIY skills!  Wait, did the Ark even have windows?


For the past several months we’ve been drowning (bad pun?) in research about the tiny house movement, floor plan layouts, design tips for small spaces, and construction techniques.

IMG_1648      IMG_1683

However, in figuring out exactly how our house would function, there were some things we had to decide on.  What materials would we use for siding and roofing?  How big should the bathroom be?  And how will a pint-size freezer accommodate our love of ice cream??? With a mobile tiny house, you don’t always have or need the infrastructure that come standard with conventional housing, like connections to sewer or the power grid.  While there are different options for these necessities, each choice has merits and challenges.  For example, heating with a wood stove is cheap, environmentally-friendly, and zombie apocalypse-proof, but it can be messy and hard to regulate.  And some decisions seem to counteract others: for instance, because the house will be on a trailer, we need to make it lightweight but we must also ensure the roof is strong enough to support heavy snow loads. Noah didn’t have to worry about the cold and snow, lucky for him.  Actually I’d rather have 40 days of rain than the 4 months of snow we get up here…

A saying among do-it-yourselfers is “Amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic.”  I’m not sure if this means that a self-built structure will look crappy and primitive compared an expert’s work, or if it means that even the naive adventurer  – with hard work and a little help – can surmount all odds and sail safely into a new beginning.  Let’s hope for the latter  🙂 a2e7c544bd4d22d5942df3c011f0e413 Check out this post from my other blog to learn about the benefits of tiny houses and what they mean to us!


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