Why Tiny?

I recently became inspired by the tiny house movement.  After a lot of researching, I decided that I want to build my own tiny house as well as cultivate the values shared by many who choose this way of life.

IMG_1748_HabitatbigdrillWhy build your own home?  Designing your own home lets you customize your living environment, maximizing efficiency and comfort every day.  It lets you experience the psychological benefit of being connected to a space that you created and that matches your lifestyle perfectly.  One’s physical environment has a huge impact on emotions, productivity, and overall well-being (research supports this!).  I want my home to resonate with my preferences and ideals, and a tiny house would allow me to achieve this harmony.

Why not a regular house?  I have always enjoyed dreaming up house plans, and my favorite elements included a spacious open layout, cathedral ceilings, a giant hearth, and sunroom with expansive windows.  However, the price estimates to build a conventional house with these features were well beyond my means — not to mention that big houses typically come with high taxes and utility bills.

I soon became interested in smaller, simpler, ‘greener’ designs and eventually discovered the concept of tiny houses.  The best part is that even these fun-sized houses can include larger-than-life features.  For example, a gas cast iron stove embodies the same function as a hearth. C34-C-610x340 It’s also easy to incorporate high-end finishes in a tiny house: for example, wood flooring and stone countertops are more feasible because there is less space to cover!

Tiny Living Means:

  • Life simplification
    • Less consumerism & “stuff”
  • Environmental consciousness – uses less natural resources
  • Community involvement
  • Frees up time
    • Less space to clean and maintain
  • Frees up money
    • Costs less to build; minimal utility costs
  • Fiscal responsibility – not going into huge debt
  • Strengthen relationships with family
  • Gaining practical skills (homebuilding; using tools)
  • Exercising mental skills (resourcefulness, creativity)
  • Various freedoms
    • Potential to relocate the house, freedom from landlords, possible to live off-grid, may permit a career change or reduction in work hours, encourages travel and activities outside the home.

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