How Many Country Songs Does It Take to Build a House?

NateLaughingWe’ve been listening to a lot of country music on the radio as we installed siding last week.  In fact, I started measuring the work day not in hours but in the number of times a song would cycle around.  How long does it take to put siding on a house, you ask?  UNTIL YOU KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY TOP 40 SONG.

The process of siding the house seemed simple but there were several steps involved.

  1. Measure the space on the wall that the board was supposed to go
  2. Measure, mark, and cut the board
  3. Dry fit the board (and hope that it wasn’t cut too small)
  4. Apply caulk to the edges of the wall and stain the cut edges of the board
  5. Make sure the board overlaps the one below by about an inch; check for levelness
  6. Nail it in!


Nate created a clever tool that ensures each board is exposed exactly the same amount on the wall.  Look at how even those boards are!  It was also important to ensure that each board was nailed in level, lest we end up with slated siding.WindowMiter

Using the jigsaw to make angled cuts and notches to go around windows.

We also installed aluminum drip caps to the tops of the window trim.  This allows rain water to flow away from the window, protecting it from water damage.  But the hardest part was making cuts in the siding to go around the tops and bottoms of the windows.  The measurements had to be just right for it to fit!  Slowly but surely we’ll get this house covered, but until then we’ll be singing along to the radio as we work on these beautiful summer days!



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