Fall Construction Update

front siding in fall

With Halloween around the corner and winter right behind, we’re scrambling to make as much progress on the house as possible!  We’ve made strides in a few areas such as:

A) Finishing the siding on the front of the house.  It definitely looks more like a real home now.  Admittedly, the logs were a pain to install — cutting angles in a curved surface and working around the fender was not fun.  Many swears were sworn!  But in the end, the unique charm and texture that the logs add was well worth the effort!

B) Painting the front door.  I’ve been waiting since June to paint our door and it looks oh so good!  We used spray paint to achieve a glossy (and budget-friendly) finish.
We both wanted a teal blue — Nate Blue Door
or should I say “exotic sea”– colored door so it was easy to decide on the color even from the limited selection of spray paints.  The process of spray painting went much faster than manually brushing paint on; we just had to  cover up the glass and take the door out of the frame to
avoid getting paint everywhere.
We plan to install a dark bronze kick plate on the bottom that matches the door hardware & exterior light.

C) Rough electrical.  We’ve been dallying on this aspect of the build as it involves a lot of decision making, expert help (thanks Bob!), and knowing what light fixtures will be used.
IMG_0614We have a few projects left like the ceiling fan, exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen, and installing an exterior light.  Hoping to finish rough electrical within the next couple of weeks.

D) Insulation purchased.  This was a big step because we have been debating for months
about whether to do spray foam insulation or something else.  In the end we choose rock wool insulation (Roxul Comfortbatt).  We were originally considering spray foam, which has the advantage of sealing off all points of air infiltration, adding strength & rigidity to the walls, and having the best performance (i.e., highest r-value).  But we chose rock wool because:

  • It cost 1/3 the price of spray foam
  • It wouldn’t off gas or contribute to poor air quality, which is a risk with spray foam
  • Has excellent sound proofing and water resistance
  • Is easy and safe to install (spray foam requires professional installation)
  • Has a moderately high r-value.


  • Insulation installation
  • Consult with plumber-gasfitter-man about how the heck to run our pipes with three giant trailer axles in the middle of the house.

front with door


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