Year of the Tiny

dad jack 1

Construction appears to run in our genes!  We are lucky to have lots of support from our families as we continue our journey towards tiny living.

The Tiny Accomplishments of 2015

We received our trailer in early April, marking the official start of our build.  Below is a summary of our tiny house progress this past year.

The (Not-so) Tiny Goals for 2016

  • Finish major construction by September and start living in our house!
  • Find land/parking spot for the house
  • Host an open house (and see how many people will fit inside)
  • Finish my tiny house book…YES I am writing a book!  Details to come


Have a happy and healthy New Year!




4 thoughts on “Year of the Tiny

  1. Great story and a great adventure. Good advice on planning and deliberation – recognizing problems before they became problems, while confessing to the need for occasional mid-course corrections. (“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”) Can’t wait to see how this all comes out.


  2. Glad I discovered your blog. Will be tracking your progress. Read the part about best and worst experiences. Both Sandee and I can attest to some of your experiences. We are fairly consistent, I seek perfection and she just wants to get it done and move on. Finding the right balance is the key, I will let you know if we ever find the sweet spot. Very proud of what you have accomplished to date and can’t wait to see the finish product.

    PS – granpa would tell you that your dad and power tools = broken something. Hope you don’t have too many fixes to implement.


    1. Thanks for following our story! Yes it is a learning process for sure, both the construction and working together as a couple. Would love to learn more about your experiences. No injuries from homebuilding yet – hopefully it will stay that way!!


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