Playing with Fire, Working in Snow

snow house 2

Even in the coldest months of the year we have kept on building!

The ceiling is done!  Most of the boards we got from Craigslist and painted a lovely semi-gloss white.  We plan to add two dark beams so the final result will look like this:a0cdb0336f553cc0667b84849f37ccda

Now on to covering the interior walls.  We chose plywood for most of the walls, as drywall which might crack when moving the house.  Plywood is a little more expensive but easy to work with.  Below is a tiny house that used plywood on the interior; we hope ours looks just as smooth and inviting.


Playing with Fire.  We decided to heat things up by trying shou sugi ban, the Japanese art of charring wood.  Not only does this technique highlight the grain, but it also protects the wood against damage from insects and (ironically) future fires.  You can see us experimenting below:


We will put the fire-kissed boards near our kitchen for a fun accent.  Traditionally shou sugi ban is done with cedar or cypress, but because we had so much bare pine siding left over we just scorched that.  Clapboards on the interior are unconventional, but I like the unique look…and not wasting materials 🙂   Now we have a bigger, badder blow torch to make more brindled boards; all we need is a warm day for staining.  We’re aiming for an eclectic look with colors ranging from golden brown to espresso.  After some awesome results with our sample boards, I can’t wait to see how the rest turns out…




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