Purchasing, Planning, Parking, & Praying!


Even a tiny house needs a giant SUV!

Since the weather dipped into a cold rainy spell (c’mon spring!)  we have been focusing our  efforts on buying materials, planning, and finding parking.  Not to mention praying that everything comes together with finishing the house!  Our objective is to move in by August 1, so we are eager to pick up the pace!


Our tankless propane-powered water heater came this week.  It’s a basic model but should get the job done – as long as we don’t shower and wash dishes at the same time  ^_^

We also purchased our kitchen base cabinets (on sale!)  They are hickory wood with streaks of tan and blonde, so they’ll fit in perfectly with our natural aesthetic.

Finally, after much deliberation, we bought our shower.  It’s a 36″ unit so we’ll have plenty of room to move around.  Unfortunately, it was too big to take home in Nate’s SUV!  We will have the shower delivered this weekend.  Luckily, it comes in 2 pieces so at least we will be able to get it inside the house!

Side Note: We were considering a tile shower but were concerned the tiles would break during transit (though flexible grout exists that is supposed to protect against this from happening).  We were also dissuaded by the difficulty of cleaning tiles, the time it takes to install them, and the cost of the tiles themselves.  A custom shower would have been cool because then we could have a walk-in shower where the whole bathroom is one big open shower space.  But at this point we’re prioritizing simplicity and affordability, so a regular fiberglass unit won out.


We were very fortunate to get a bunch of materials from Roy, a contractor friend of Nate’s, who was cleaning out his shop.  He gave us a generous collection of supplies including cherry planking, a fancy track light, more paint and stain than we could ever need, ceiling molding, and some sweet cork flooring!

In talking with Roy I learned an interesting trend: many new homes are being bought not by 20-somethings, but by empty nesters.  What they are looking for is a home that will allow them to “age in place” (e.g., single story, walk in shower, closets that can accommodate a walker or wheelchair, etc.)  I think tiny houses could be an affordable and low-maintenance option for many folks of advancing age!


When we went to buy the base cabinets we had a specific list of what sizes to get.  However, when we got to the store, some of the sizes were not there.  So we had to quickly change around our kitchen plan to accommodate the cabinets in stock (since these were on clearance, we could not order special sizes or check the inventory at another store).  Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.12.32 PM.pngIt was stressful doing the mental calculations to see if the options in the store would work, but fortunately it did.  We ended up buying 3 cabinets: one 60″ and two 18″ units (one with drawers and one with a regular door).

Because we changed our cabinet layout, we had to reconsider the size of our induction cooktop (oy, how these decisions snowball!).  We found a single burner cooktop that works with an 18″ cabinet.  Normally we only use 1 burner at a time, plus it’s smaller and cheaper than a multi-burner unit.  The burner will be inset into the countertop for a seamless appearance.  Induction cooktops are great for small spaces because they won’t overheat the room and they don’t have an open flame.


We visited a few potential parking spots so far, each with different pros and cons.  We are getting close to deciding on a place — stay tuned to learn where we’ll end up!
stained boards tiny house





One thought on “Purchasing, Planning, Parking, & Praying!

  1. It’s so nice to be able to see someone else’s planning and buying process! I am beginning my house very soon (I have been delayed since I am waiting on someone to pick up wood in our yard, so that I have the space to begin building mine…)

    I will definitely be following you and watching your process as I go through mine! Good luck!


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