“How Will You ___ In a Tiny House??”

As people learn about our tiny house, we sometimes get responses like, “But how will you…?” or “So you won’t be able to…?!”  Below are the answers to all those questions and concerns!

“You won’t be able to host Thanksgiving!”

  • Hosting big parties isn’t something we need to do a lot of, but we could always host the 4th of July cookout! For holiday gatherings I’d rather not worry about decorating, entertaining, and god forbid, ruining the turkey! There’s plenty of space to have a few friends over for dinner and we can always hang out with people out around town. A tiny house won’t turn us into hermits!

“How will you do laundry?”

  • We’ll go to a laundromat, wash small items in the sink, or use machines at someone else’s house. To us, the comfort of having a washer/dryer is just not worth the space and price of having a dedicated area for a once-a-week activity. You can read about our experimentation with out-of-house laundry here.

“How will friends stay over?!”

  • Let me start by saying we lived at a B&B for 9 months – a large house with 4 bedrooms – and NOT ONCE did we host any friends overnight (despite lots of trying!). Since we didn’t have overnight guests then (when the conditions were ideal), I don’t expect we will have people sleep over much in the future. However, we will have a secondary loft and large couch if any friends want to experience the tiny life with us for a night!

“So you won’t have a ___ room?”

  • Game room. Craft room. Bonus room. Formal dining room. Closets as big as rooms… houses these days can have so many spaces! But buying a house with rooms used only occasionally, or that can be combined with other spaces, just doesn’t make sense financially.

“What about privacy?”

  • Living at the B&B, we didn’t have a bathroom door: the bedroom just transitioned into the bathroom with no divider! Though we did have a dresser and ‘modesty plant’ to somewhat obscure the view of the toilet 🙂 In this regard the tiny house will actually be an improvement in privacy from what we’re used to! Learning to cultivate mental peace and privacy – aided by the use of headphones, meditation, and spending time alone or outside the house – will balance the intimacy of such close quarters.

“How will you cook without an oven?”

  • Microwave; slow cooker; cooktop; grill; toaster oven…the list goes on! Currently we mostly use the oven for things like cookies and lasagna, which we will surely be better off eating less of. Most other oven-foods are easily prepared via other methods.

“What about clothes – how will you fit them all!?”

  • The question is not how we’ll fit them all (we won’t), but rather how we will maximize the available space. We already switch out our wardrobe with the seasons to make it easy to find clothing appropriate for the weather (plus I like the joy of getting “new” clothes every few months!) See my post here to learn about our wardrobe editing.

In sum, most of the limitations that people associate with a tiny house are a non-issue for us.  Or they are activities that would never actually happen even if we did have more space. We didn’t choose a tiny house as a sacrifice, but rather as a way to streamline our lives.

There’s nothing wrong with having a big house or wanting lots of space: it’s just that a small house feels perfectly ample for what we need at this point in our lives. While living in 200 sq ft does have some challenges, our day-to-day life would be relatively the same no matter the size of our home.


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