Heating the Tiny House

littlestoveTo heat our home, we decided on a propane fireplace for several reasons.  First, we liked the aesthetics and small footprint: it can back right up against the wall and needs just a few inches of clearance on either side.  Secondly, it draws air from the outside for combustion which is good for indoor air quality.  Finally, the unit is easy to use: it can be controlled by a thermostat and is safe to go on even when we are not home.  We like that it has low and high settings so that we can precisely adjust the heat output.

Turn up the Heat?  We ran several calculations to decide which size unit to get.  On the coldest days we can always add a space heater, but I think this unit will be just right.  I am more worried about the loft getting too toasty than being cold!  Good thing we’ll have a ceiling fan to circulate air.

Luckily, we won’t need heat anytime soon as summer is finally here!  We’ve already seen temps in the high 80’s and it’s barely June.  Perfect temperatures for painting, painting, painting!



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