High Style on a Low Budget

Many people choose the tiny house lifestyle for financial reasons.  But that doesn’t mean your petite pad can’t be perfectly posh!  Here are 6 tips to get an upscale look for less.

Laminate comes in dozens of lifelike stone patterns

Mimic the real deal.  Laminate has come a long way in resembling pricier wood and stone.  It’s also easy to install, long-lasting, and low maintenance.

Mix budget basics with dashing details.  Add personality to plain cabinetry with cool drawer pulls.  Or maybe there’s a funky lamp or light fixture that would literally brighten an otherwise uninspiring room.  A few eye-catching pieces go a long way in changing the look from drab to designer!

 Make your bed…like a pro.  A bed in a tiny house takes up a lot of room.  So take your sleeping space from boring to beautiful by applying a few tips well-known to bedding retailers and decorators.  Don’t like lots of pillows or blankets?  With the right touch, minimalistic bedding can be very stylish.


Embrace the eccentric.  Reclaimed and hodgepodge styles are on-trend.  Scour Craigslist, garage sales, and antique stores for unique (and cheap) items.  Some of the coolest, most memorable decorative pieces utilize repurposed items; all it takes is a little ingenuity and elbow grease.

Bathroom makeover.  You don’t need expensive fixtures or tile, but fresh towels, light colors, and an attractive shower curtain are important.  Tricks for visually enlarging small bathrooms include having an oversized mirror, a pedestal or wall mounted sink, and a door that allows light to pass through (e.g., via slats or frosted glass).

Architectural accents.  Molding and trim play a big role in how a room feels.  Likewise, adding blinds and curtains are an affordable way to create a whole new look for windows.


I’ll conclude with saying that sometimes the best decorations don’t come from a store but are handcrafted or hold personal meaning to the owner.  So frame your favorite photos, take a painting or woodworking class, or sew something.  Expand your artsy side; you might be surprised at what you learn and create!

Like what you see or have other thoughts for decorating on a dime?  We would love to know  in the comments ^_^




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