Closet Cleaning: Motivation

De-cluttering is hard, especially when you’ve already weeded out the obvious stuff.  The first pass is easy, but then comes the challenge of digging even deeper and evaluating the stuff that’s “ok” but that you could do without.  In our case of moving into a tiny house, storage is limited…the less clothes we have, the better!

Here’s what helped us to actually start (and enjoy) the process of wardrobe-editing.

a) Look forward to versatility.  Having clothes that go well with other pieces you own creates versatile and effortless outfit combinations – a “capsule wardrobe”.

b) Envision a quick and less stressful time choosing outfits.  If your closet feels cramped and disorganized, put off-season clothing in storage temporarily.  And no use keeping a bunch of fancy clothes around if you spend most of your days in casual wear (totally guilty of this).

c)  You won’t lose stuff.  Have you ever dug through your closet and found something that you forgot about?  I sure have!  When there’s too much stuff, it’s easy to lose track of things.  But if you only hang onto things you like and wear, you won’t have this problem!

d) You’ll love everything you own.  If something needs mending, tailoring, or stain removal, give yourself a week or two to do it.  If you don’t get around to it, you probably don’t care enough about the item to keep it!  Clothing and style can be a big part of who we are, so get rid of the stuff that isn’t “you” or that you don’t feel comfortable in.  You can also treat yourself to some nice new hangers to make the clothes you have look their best.

e) Make an evening of it.  Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring!  Play some music, pour a glass of wine, and perhaps enlist the help of an enthusiastic friend or partner.  If you specifically schedule a time to go through your stuff,  it’s more likely to be enjoyable… and actually get done.

Hungry for more minimalism motivation?  We have an entire archive of posts (see our favorites here and here)!




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