The Home Stretch


We’re almost move-in ready!!!  Here’s what we’ve been up to this fall.

Exterior.  We finished the siding on the back of the house, a big project long on our to-do list.  There were a lot of vents to work around, but at least this time we had experience.

Interior.  Earlier this summer we installed flooring.  We were tempted by some beautiful high-end options but ended up going with an inexpensive laminate flooring.  It still looks nice with our color scheme.  Recently, we finished our sliding door to the bathroom, installed light fixtures, set up the fridge, built the toilet cabinet, and covered up some exposed water pipes in the bathroom.  We installed our kitchen hardware and – with a little help – got all our cabinets in!  toilet-cat_fotor

Furniture.  We love our little loveseat!  Our dining table and chairs will arrive next week.  We also built a thin table to fill the gap behind the sofa and display our favorite trinkets and photos.

What’s next?  More pictures to come as we continue to decorate and finish some small projects.  The plan is to move in around the end of the month after we add furniture, hook up our water, and build a ladder to the sleeping loft!



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