6 Questions to Help You De-Clutter

A few years ago, my roommates and I overflowed an entire dumpster upon moving out.  It was astounding to see how much *crap* had accumulated in one house.  From then on, I vowed to simplify my belongings – especially my wardrobe.  Below are some of the questions that helped me to pare down my clothes – which resulted in me feeling happier, more organized, and better-dressed.A Tiny Idea: Part II

1) Does it fit?  If it doesn’t fit at this moment (and you aren’t jumping to get it tailored), there is no reason to keep the item no matter how expensive it was or how much (or little) you’ve worn it.  Consider investing in outfits that will fit comfortably even if you lose or gain a few pounds.

2) Does it look good on me and is it comfortable?  If you don’t love it and feel good in it, why wear it?  Clothes that you have to worry about aren’t worth the trouble.

3) Are there rips/stains/missing buttons/broken zippers, etc?  Am I willing to fix such problems?  Clothes only last so long.  If it seems outdated or in poor condition, consider finding it a new home. 2c4ff-tipstagram_happy5

4) Have I worn it within the past year?  If all the seasons have passed and you still haven’t used it, this is a sign you probably don’t need it.

5) If I found this item at a decent price in a store, would I buy it?  This is a good question to ask yourself to weed out clothes that are “just ok” or that are getting to the end of their lifespan.  If you wouldn’t ‘re-buy’ the item, it’s time for it to go.

6) Do I have multiple similar items that aren’t used regularly?  If yes, keep only your favorites and get rid of the extras.  For instance, I realized I didn’t need a dozen dresses since wearing dresses is a rare occasion for me.

If you’re hesitant about parting with an item but it fails to meet your retention criteria, create a “maybe” box that will be stored out of sight.  If you find yourself going into the box for something, you may want to bring that item back into your regular clothes rotation.  But after a few months, it’s time to get rid of anything left in the “maybe” pile!

Conclusion: I do not regret donating even one thing.  Now I am better organized and have more space for the clothes I like and wear frequently, plus I’m one step closer to being prepared for the tiny house!


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