It’s Turning Out Ok, for Having No Idea What We Are Doing

Now that we have our loft ladder and water system ready, we are almost ready to start sleeping in the tiny house!  As you can see from the photos below, the aesthetics are coming along, but we have been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work with our water system to get the house livable.

Earlier this week we wrapped our new 75′ water hose with aluminum foil, heated wire, and wrapped everything in foam insulation.  It took forever, but this will ensure we have running water all through winter.

Nate worked hard on the greywater system.  It is basically a 3′ deep hole filled with rocks and wood chips to filter outgoing water before it seeps into the ground.  Of course we will need to be super diligent about what goes down the drains.  It’s not a high tech system, but we don’t plan to use a lot of water for the time being.  We are basically “test driving” the house over winter and can keep showering at Nate’s Mom’s house or at the gym (if we get around to joining one!).  In spring we plan to move the tiny house to a semi-permanent location…still working out the details.

We also filled our 40lb propane tank so we can use our fireplace.  It makes the house warm fast, and the heat lingers even hours after shutting off the fireplace … I am confident we will have no trouble staying warm, especially up in the lofts.

Enjoy the photos!



6 thoughts on “It’s Turning Out Ok, for Having No Idea What We Are Doing

  1. Cecilia, hace poco encontré tu blog y, desde entonces, te sigo ante cada post. Te felicito por el primer aniversario del mismo y te deseo muchos años más de compartir tu hermosa mirada del mundo con todas nosotras/os. Tus amigas &qlur;vittuaoes".Beso desde Argentina, India (mi hija) y yo!!!


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