Top Investments for Tiny Home Owners

When building or buying a house, some things are worth splurging on.  Below are our top recommended investments for new homeowners – especially for a tiny house!

4. Big sink and adjustable faucetFullSizeRender

An oversized sink means you can pile up dishes and do them at your convenience (fun fact, we can fit all the dishes we own into our sink!)  We love being able to easily wash bulky items without getting water everywhere.  We also have a pull-out faucet which allows us to spray water where we need it – great for cleaning deep pots and the sink itself!

3. Powerful exhaust fan

Our bathroom fan is a lifesaver when battling indoor humidity.  Moisture from cooking and showering builds up quickly and the fan gets it out.  The fan can also vent out cooking smells.  In fact, it can exchange all the air in the house in under 30 minutes!  In bad weather especially, using the fan is way better than opening windows.

2. Gym membership  

Not only is joining a gym good for health, but it gets you out of the house.  We enjoy working out together and taking group classes.  I also love showering at the gym for many reasons –

  • Reduces condensation problems at home (see #3)
  • The sauna feels luxurious after showering!
  • Less laundering of towels & cleaning our shower at home
  • The promise of a nice shower incentivizes me to go to the gym… and exercise too, of course  ^_^

1. Comfy Couch

When we’re at home, we livingroomtinyspend a lot of time hanging out on the couch.  A bench-seat or daybed wouldn’t cut it for me.  I wanted a couch with a supportive back and cushy arms.  A sofa small enough for snuggling but big enough for napping or chatting with a friend.  A couch brings people together; it makes our house feel like home.  And for that reason, a good couch is a priority!



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