Kitty Mischief


If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll know we are fond of a certain feline that likes to visit our tiny house.  He thinks it’s his clubhouse, naturally, and loves to explore all the nooks and high-up places.

Sometimes he beckons at the door, wanting us to let him in his “big house” (Nate’s mom’s house).  Other times he wants to hang out in his “clubhouse” and search for messes to make, or – if we’re lucky – simply a place to nap.

We look forward to getting a pet of our own someday but in the meantime we are enjoying  this little guy — even if he does get into mischief!  He loves exploring the depths of our cabinets and testing the integrity of our windowsills.    kittycabinet1As I am writing he is perched sleepy-eyed on the cabinets overhead, finally tuckered out.  When he wakes he’ll be cuddly, but not for long.  He has a busy day ahead.

In other news, our stairs are here!  (As you can see they are kitty-approved).  Our helper Colin designed and built them.  They are much easier to use
than a ladder and give us more storage space (eventually we’ll put storage cabinets underneath the stairs).






We’re looking mighty dapper today, aren’t we?

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