Catching Cabin Fever

It was a bad combination of circumstances: Nate was sick or at work, I didn’t have access to a car, it was the middle of January, and my semester didn’t start for another week.  So naturally, I’ve been in the tiny house a lot.  It might sound ideal – staying home and having time to do whatever.  Well, for me it got old fast.  Not being able to go anywhere for days isn’t my idea of fun.  Especially when your house is really, really small.

Nate once said that solitary confinement sounds like a treat instead of punishment.  He finds it restorative to be alone at home all day with nothing to do.  For me, going out and doing something or interacting with people is restorative.  We are so different sometimes!

What to do when you have cabin fever, your sweetie has an actual fever, and you’re cooped up in a tiny house in the middle of winter?

  • Create something.  That includes cooking something tasty
  • Clean and do laundry. Our kitchen, floors, and bedding are all sparkling clean now…
  • Connect and contribute on the world wide web.  If you need to buy something, take advantage of online researching and shopping.
  • Hang out with pets.  Take photos of them being cute and post them everywhere (guilty!)

In the end, I learned to make my own fun and productivity even in a tiny house.  The next time I have an insane amount of things to do, I’ll remember savoring the solitude.  And now that I’ve finished this post, I’m off to take some more of my own medicine – and give Nate some of his  ❤




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