Entertaining & Cooking



A house becomes a home when filled with great food and warm hearts.  Our first dinner party at the tiny house was a success (check out my friend Sarah’s wonderful tiny house)!

Kitty thinks the treads are comfy to walk on and nap on

Rose Home is great for entertaining because the stairs fold up against the wall to make
extra room.  That way more people can fit at the table (the main purpose of the white “bench” is actually to hide our plumbing and the trailer fender!).  I hope to make a pretty cushion for it soon.

Speaking of the stairs, we love them!  They go up and down in a snap and are sturdy to walk on.  A lot of work went into making them thanks to our carpenter friend Colin.


Cooking in a tiny house: cramped chaos or piece of cake?  While it’s difficult to change the size of your kitchen, certain cooking methods can make things a whole lot easier.

Most meals are cooked on the grill, in the crock pot, or on the hotplate.  Grilling beats crockpot, crockpot beats hotplate.  And not cookingtiny-house-party obviously beats everything 🙂

I know “hotplate” doesn’t sound very upscale or good for people who cook every day.  I was skeptical at first and thought we had to have a “real” stove with multiple burners.  But the hotplate is great.  It gets hot and cooks pretty evenly, and we never need more than 1 burner at a time.  When we’re not using the cooktop, it is stored in our cabinets out of the way.  That way we have maximum uninterrupted counter space.

We do have a good-sized toaster/convection oven, but we haven’t used it much.  Our electric kettle, on the other hand, gets used daily!  In fact I think it’s time for some tea now  ^_^

Evening tea sweetened just right with honey from our local bee farm




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