My New Hobby Is Terrible for Tiny Living


What’s the hardest thing to do in a tiny house?

Is it showering?  Nope, we have a normal 3′ x 3′ shower.  Using a composting toilet?  No, got used to it.  Changing the sheets?  Well yes, that is annoying…but not even scooting around on the floor to make the bed compares to the difficulty of my newest obsession.

I got hooked on a hobby that is pretty much a nightmare for living in a small space.  That hobby is QUILTING!

If you sew, you know how much space is required: you need a giant table to spread out your fabric, cutting mat, and sewing machine.  You need an ironing board and storage for fabrics.  You need a big open space to spread out the quilt layers.  I guess all my quilts willnatesewing be under 5′ wide, which is the widest useable part of the house!

How did I get addicted to quilting?  I got this antique sewing machine from my aunt.  It’s so old it was made in West Germany!  I wanted to make a quilt because we need a nice-looking blanket.  Plus, Nate’s mom has tons of fabric that is begging to be used, and I enjoy having a project to keep me busy (and from catching cabin fever again).

Making it work.  The sewing supplies tuck away in the 9″ crevice separating the bathroom and living room.  No space goes unused!  The downside of sewing is that it makes a complete mess: lint and thread pieces EVERYWHERE, so each session is followed by a thorough cleaning.

Quilting in a tiny house is a challenge, but it’s sew fun!

The finished mini quilt!  Blanket trifecta is sooo cozy!




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