Cat on the Roof!?


Cat Pro Tip: Surprise them when they least expect it!

At least he’s safe and sound now, but would’ve been nice if he cleared the snow off while he was dancing on the roof  ^_^   Afterwards I let him nap on the fullsizerender-1bed… on my beautiful linen duvet.  I can’t seem to stop spoiling this little mischief-maker!
In other news the tiny life is great!  We entertained more friends last night.  Our propane stove has been keeping us toasty, though it needs to be filled once a week when the weather’s this cold.  It’s a bit inconvenient when the propane runs out since it doesn’t give much warning.  At least the fill station is close to our gym and grocery store.  At some point perhaps we’ll  get a bigger tank, but the 40lb tank is the largest we can carry around.  Hopefully warmer weather is around the corner!




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