How We Fit Our Stuff in 300 Sq Ft


Entryway storage

We’ve been working on making storage space for our belongings – not an easy feat!  We spent the last 2 years culling our clutter and slimming down our wardrobes.  Stuff doesn’t accumulate overnight, and it doesn’t go away overnight either.

Here are our tips for maximizing storage potential!

  • Muddy shoes and bulky coats can quickly make a mess.  We have coat hooks and a table near the door to keep outdoor gear from invading the house.
  • Hanging clothes takes up space, so fold when you can. Open shelving is great!
  • Have a mix of lower and upper storage, with your most-used items stored between
    Loft clothes storage

    waist and eye level.

  • Fold underwear & socks!  I was skeptical about this, but it is so orderly and frees up a lot of space.
  • We have 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, 4 mugs… you get the idea.  Having fewer kitchen items also ensures we stay on top of doing dishes!
  • Embrace simplicity.  Sometimes one quality item in a given category is all you really need.  Your lifestyle and climate will determine whether the “rule of one” is
    easible.  I have 4 winter coats, but since the coats are very different and winter is like half the year here, that’s a good number for me!



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