Our New Kitten!

Meet Zuko!


He’s a 4 month old Siberian kitten.  Siberians are large semi-longhair cats known for their doglike personalities.  They love being near people and are inquisitive.  Best of all they are low-allergen, which is good for me since living in a tiny house would only exacerbate my cat allergies!
IMG_1278.JPGI was worried that the tiny house might be too cramped for an active kitten, but he seems perfectly happy.  He loves simple toys like paper bags, drinking straws, and feathers.  The litter box fits perfectly between the fridge and the wall so it is unnoticeable.

Zuko is already a pro at navigating the stairs and loves hanging out on the edge of the loft.  When we’re in the kitchen he enjoys watching us from the “catwalk” atop our cabinets.  There are so many things to climb on and toys to chase around that he gets plenty of exercise, and every evening we have a vigorous play session.  He likes hunting moths and mosquitos that get inside, which is good except when it happens at 1 AM!

Zuko is slowly getting to know the resident kitty, Sylvester, who lives with Nate’s momFullSizeRender-1.  Sylvester was unsure about the baby at first but every day seems more comfortable.  The kitten is totally unphased and tries to invite Sylvester to play, so hopefully they will be buddies in no time  🙂




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