Tiny House FAQs

What was your motivation to ‘go tiny’?

We discovered the tiny house movement 2 years ago and were immediately captivated by the prospect of intentional and debt-free living.  We wanted a more flexible and intentional lifestyle, and decided that the best way to achieve that was to think outside of the box when it came to housing.

What’s on the inside?  

The interior is about 8′ wide by 28′ long and has 2 lofts.  Because we cook a lot, having ample cabinetry and counter space was a priority.  Our bathroom and “living room” – complete with a gas burning fireplace – is located underneath the sleeping loft.  We have a normal sized shower, dresser, dining table, and a loveseat!

How is Rose Home eco-friendly?

The tiny house is well-insulated and easy to heat.  The largest windows are located on the side that will face south to take advantage of passive solar heating.  We have a tankless water heater that is very energy efficient.  We utilized reclaimed materials including the bathroom sink and vanity, loft flooring, log accent trim, and ceiling boards.

Where will you put your tiny house?

We’re still in the process of deciding where to park the house for good.  Part of the reason the built a tiny house is so that we’ll have a home no matter where our careers take us.

What’s it like living in such a tight space? 

We started living in the tiny house in November 2016 and we love it.  There is enough space for each of us to have our privacy.  It helps that we started out with fewer possessions than many people.  We wish there was a little more storage for clothes but overall it feels like a good amount of space for us and our cat.

What’s the benefit of “going tiny?”

Advantages of tiny house living include lower utility expenses, less clutter and space to clean, and gaining happiness more through experiences than material possessions.  The tiny house community is growing quickly and it is cool to meet people at different stages of their tiny house journey.

Feel free to message us any questions you have!

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