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We are Jana and Nate and we built our 28′ tiny house called “Rose Home”.  Our house is centered on values of communityenvironment, and craftsmanship.

snow house 2In creating a beautiful and functional tiny home, we hope to engage the local community and inspire others towards more intentional living.

We are excited to share our journey!  This blog details the construction process as well as the psychological aspects of downsizing, homebuilding, and our new life in 300 sq feet.  The triumphs and challenges within our relationship as a couple throughout this adventure have helped us grow and connect in so many ways!

**Update July 2018: We moved into the tiny house in November 2016 and have been living in it ever since.  We love it!

Follow us on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/Rosehome-Tiny-House-426241654244560/

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  1. I just finished my THOW and even though I thought would be relaxing I find that I am now nervous about where I have it parked. My ex-husband offered his backyard but I’m concerned that he will get in trouble. I live in southern NH and was wondering how you found where you are living. Any suggestions or referrals would be great. I am in my mid-sixties, alone, and my house is 26′. Thanks


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